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Wedding Post Box Frequently Asked Questions


What colours are your Post Boxes available in?

Our wedding Post Boxes are available in Royal Mail red or white styles. Both examples include gold painted lettering for the 'EIIR' and crown motif.

I've found other hire companies online offering replica Boxes. Whats the difference between the replica and real Post Boxes?

When you hire a Post Box (from us or any other supplier), it is important to understand the differences between the boxes. As of 1st March 2014 we only have supply genuine ex-Royal Mail Boxes. The ex-RM Boxes were in public service and have been professionally restored. The fibreglass Boxes are copies of original Boxes (some created from molds of originals and some not).

How much do they weigh/are they easy to carry?

The genuine ex-Royal Mail Boxes are heavy and weigh approximately 20kg. However, they can be lifted by a reasonably fit individual. We include a plastic carry crate or wheeled crate (depending on availability) to allow for easier transit.

I have found someone else that hires the same Post Boxes for less. Will you match them?

As the rates for hiring our Post Boxes are already competitively set we will be unable to match any other prices you may find, or enter any kind of lowest-bid 'price-match' war. Our rates are set to include the time and costs involved in caring for the Boxes (paints, brushes, pads and so on) and any collection/delivery rates quoted are simply to cover petrol costs incurred while fulfilling your booking.

When and why do I need to include a deposit?

If you would like to book a Post Box for your special day and are happy with the price then we ask for a non-refundable £10 deposit to reserve the box. The £10 deposit is subtracted from the total price quoted which must be received no later than seven working days before the wedding date. If the Box is being collected from and returned to us in person we ask for an additional £100 deposit, which is returned to the customer on safe return of the Box, the key, the key chain and the metal day tab.

Do you offer delivery and collection?

Yes. We are able to deliver and collect from your home address or wedding venue. Many customers find that venue drop-off and collection is easier for them.

I am getting married at Warbrook House. Can you help?

Yes! We offer FREE delivery and collection (depending on time slots and availability) for weddings at this fantastic venue.

Can I view them first?

We hope the images used on our website accurately show our Post Boxes in detail so customers have a clear idea of what to expect from their booking. We will also email a set of images to the customer of their booked Post Box (including your personalised card) to ensure they are happy with the item prior to collection or delivery. We know that a Post Box is one of the smaller aspects of the 'big day' so we hope this allows you to free up time to complete the myriad of other tasks required for the the occasion. However, customers are welcome to contact us to arrange a viewing (subject to available time slots).

What information goes on the personalised card?

We have a template card that is customised to your wedding day. In addition to a brief message thanking guests for attending and inviting them to post their cards inside the Box we include:

Are they lockable?

Absolutely! Your valuable wedding cards will be stored safely. We supply a key with a key ring along with the Box. We ask that these are kept safe for the duration of the booking and returned with the Box.

The Post Box has been stolen or the key has been lost during the booking. What happens then?

We hope you have a wonderful day and the Box acts as an attractive conversation piece and a safe place to store your gift cards. However, it is important to remember the customer is responsible for the Post Box during the booking. Please check with your wedding venue or wedding insurance provider to ensure you are covered in the event of theft. If the customer loses the key, key ring or collection tab during the booking these costs must be covered by the customer (keys are charged at £14.00 and tabs charged at £8.00). Full details are included on the booking form. In short, we just ask that you look after the Box, key and tab as they were your own items.